Sales Policy

  1. All estimates are valid for 10 days. Prepayment upon acceptance of the estimate is required to place the order unles credit line is available and in good standing. Generally, delivery of items is within 5 working days from acceptance of estimate.
  2. Our Prices do not include installation, training or consulting services unless otherwise specified. All warranties are Manufacturer's warranties unless otherwise specified. We shall not be liable for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, data, interruption of business, nor for incidental or consequential damages related to the use of the products quoted herein. Quoted prices do not include shipping and handling unless otherwise specified.
  3. Products sales are final. If a product needs to be replaced under manufactures limited warranty, we will assist in the process of claiming the warranty, but no exchanges will be made. You can read our detailed Return Policy here.
  4. Payments that are processed without suficient funds, will incur in an additional charge of $45.00.
  5. If paying by eCheck, funds can take as much as 7 days to be debited. Please, assure availability of funds for a minimum of 8 days. If funds are not available by the time of the debit, an additional charge of $45.00 will be processed.
  6. For customers with credit lines, a 15% charge of the invoice total will be automatically charged after 15 days of payment due date.